I've been lucky enough to earn a living in one way or another in the music business almost all of my working life. I've toured at an extremely high level as a musician and also as a member of a crew.

Starting guitar at the age of 10, my life was forever changed - especially when my step-brother played me Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath. Wow ... that was it! I was (and would forever remain) a ROCKER! My fascination with recording started at about the age of 12 where I experimented with the 'sound on sound' technique using two tape recorders... recording back and forth and layering the sounds on top of each other. This very quickly taught me the value of 'commitment' which I still like to do to this day. It took until the age of 18 until I managed to get a proper 'portastudio' where all of a sudden, I had an unbelievable FOUR tracks of audio to play with, although I still utilised the sound on sound technique.

1987 saw me have the first of my record deals which was with Survival/EMI Records. One of The partners of Survival introduced me to the delights of a reel to reel, a mixing desk and a patch bay and I've been twiddling the knobs ever since.